What Are The Risks Of Smoking An E Cig?

When you really think about it, an electronic cigarette is really nothing more than a nicotine delivery device that you can use instead of the regular tobacco cigarettes. People who use it, manufacture it or market it swear it’s much better than tobacco. But is it really the case? In this article, we will let you in on how e-cigs work and what goes into manufacturing so you can deduce you take by using them.

An electronic cigarette is basically composed of three parts: a battery pack, a cartridge and vaporizing chamber. The cartridge contains the liquid nicotine and its accompanying flavors, the vaporizing chamber is what turns the liquid into vapor that you can inhale, while the battery is (obviously) what powers the vaporizing chamber.

An electronic cigarette can pose a lower risk to your health in that it does not contain any tar. Also, since you’re not burning any tobacco when you’re “vaping” (what e-cig users call their habit), you won’t smell as bad as when you’re smoking tobacco cigarettes. In fact, you might even smell good especially when you use cartridges in fruit, cinnamon or vanilla flavors.

Using electronic cigarettes, however, is regulated in many countries. There’s a reason for this. Although they do contain any tar or tobacco, many manufacturers still have to disclose what actually goes into making the cartridges aside from the nicotine. This is perhaps one of the major risks of vaping electronic cigarettes – you don’t know what goes into making the content of the cartridges. Also, there are still no definitive studies as to how eliquid nicotine can affect your health.

But if you’re like most people, you probably couldn’t care less about what this or that health expert has to say about smoking devices in general.

Anyway, if you’re interested in taking up the vaping habit, choose your electronic cigarette really well. You already know that there are many brands of electronic cigarettes out there, but did you know that some brands are better than others? The brands that consistently get high ratings from users are Blu and V2. These are rechargeable brands. If you’re only smoking out of curiosity, it’s better to smoke disposable brands that you can throw away after a day or two.

A decent starter pack of rechargeable e-cigs cost $60 to $80. Anything else lower or higher than that is either a waste of time or is just too expensive. Disposable e-cigs, on the other hand, cost $10 or so each.

Before buying a starter pack, make sure you research on which brands are highly rated by e-cig users. All told, Blu and V2 are not the only good brands that you can find out there. If you’re about to make a switch from tobacco, different users have different recommendations on which brands come close to that cigarette feeling. You might find some e-cigs too mild for your taste and you might just find yourself going back to tobacco because of this.